Make Paper Plate Flowers

And Become A Ninja


Step 1
Paint Paper Plates

Do you have non waxy (or the back of waxy) and paint?  Then you have all you need to start flowers.  Paint the plates in patterns or solid colors with what ever you have!  Many ninja's have been known to paint with their hands.  Once dry you can move on to the next step or drop off for our crew to finish for you.

Step 2

Create The Flowers

Cut your plates into flower shapes!  Then using hot glue or other sturdy glue to put your pieces together.  If you painted the flowers directly on the plate and do not need to cut then glue some leaves onto the flowers!  Use your imagination there is no wrong way to do this!

For the stem using hot glue, glue wooden skewers to the back!  Once done connect with us to arrange drop off/ pick up.